Hey there! I’m Alison Gamm. This website is a small sampling of the work I’ve done over the past 10 years. I graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA in Graphic Design. During my last semester of college, I was fortunate to land an internship with one of the largest magazine publishers in the world: Meredith Corporation (now Dotdash Meredith), where I’ve remained working ever since. I’ve gone from designing sidebars and department pages, to learning to sew and quilt, to becoming the sole designer of Quilts & More magazine. I’ve also done things I never imagined I’d do such as writing and recording podcasts, starring in videos, and hand modeling.

I was thrown a major curveball in early 2022 when I learned that Quilts & More was no longer going to be published. Thankfully, we were able to finish out the remaining issues for the year and continue to deliver excellent content to readers. Recently, I have transitioned from working in the world of crafting and quilting to working on various food and home titles. Designing print publications is my passion (I liken it to working on jigsaw puzzles), so I’m excited to still be doing what I love while learning about new topics.

Thanks for stopping by!